Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Procrastination At It's Finest!

So, today was the beginning of my math class for one of my five week sessions. Two classes every 5 weeks from 8 AM to 1PM monday through thursday. One class on Monday and Wednesday, the other on Tuesday and Thursday.
I tell you what...ALL that basic math in one sitting in brain-frying. It started out simple enough. Adding, subtracting,devision, multiplication, and factoring. I will be darned if I forgot how to do long division! How embarrissing!
I never was good in math. I got somewhat far, but along the way I forgot the basics. *Shrugs*
Anyways, I grabbed an optional homework assignment, sat down and started working on it. In the meantime the computer has been calling my name. "Blairrrrrr!!! Blairrrr!!! Facebook awaits! Get onnn meeee"
So here I am. As usual, facebook was boring. How can something be so boring yet addicting? I can spend hours on that darn site just following different people and looking at pictures. It simply amazes me what a life sucker Facebook is.
Since I cant drive because of the stupid speeding ticket (reckless...go figure) making my insurance too expensive, me and Sandy walked to Sheetz on our break for lunch. I was ravenous! No Idea why, but I was. Man, do I miss driving my car with music down and windows blaring!
Oh yeah, my math teacher likes me. He clearly thinks I am amusing and ask good questions! Damn straight I ask good questions...it is all I ever did in highschool to get my stuff straight!
I feel like I am rambling. Oh well, we are all allowed to ramble here and there right?
Now that worksheet just sitting there is bothering me. I still have a few hours until Mi Madre picks me up.
I need some topics to blog about. I always come up with such good ideas but they get lost in the daily hustle and bustle. Any ideas on what to write? Hell, give me a topic and I will write it. I love random stuff. An example would be my toilet paper post. So leave me a comment, leave love, and give me some ideas. Once I get ideas, I can always write something.


emilyxemazing said...

"Man, do I miss driving my car with music down and windows blaring!"
This sounds a lot like the phrase I've usually used for getting ready in the morning: "Brush my face and wash my teeth." It's amazing how people can be dyslexic at times. I know because I am when I've been working all day, sometimes with numbers. You could write about that. Or me. Or your relationship with my brother if you wanna get mushy. Or hairbrushes. Do one on hairbrushes, and I'll do one on hamsterbation. Lol.

BloggingBlair said...

ha..I wouldnt even know what to say about my relationship with David...lol

BloggingBlair said...

awwww and now I gotta fix my typo..its the math I tell you! Fried my brain!

Fickle Cattle said...

Facebook is boring. But I spend countless hours on it. Sometimes I just look at the news feed and wait for stuff.


Coloradocasters said...

I have to say that I love your random posts. You have a unique perspective mixed with humor that is a pure delight. If I can kick start my brain with more coffee...I will have to post some blog ideas for you...or at least try.