Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wild Waffle House

This is a restaurant review I wrote a few weeks ago in my College Composition class.

Wild Waffle House

Walking into Waffle House off of Broad Street I was welcomed with the aroma of breakfast. The sizzling and crackling of the skillets engulfed. There were many booths to choose from, some with remnants of syrup and crumbs, and others spotless. Although the service was great and the food was delicious, the cleanliness of the waffle house was lacking.

The bathroom had a stale smell that left my nose curled. Flies here and there annoyed me tremendously. Who wants to go to the bathroom with flies everywhere, with their beady eyes watching me? A few random pieces of toilet paper were left on the floor, nothing a quick sweep could not handle. The sink, thank goodness was free of any debris and as a general rule there was nothing obscenely disgusting about the restrooms.

Some of the booths were torn and ratty with big, taped up gashes. When I sat down I was afraid I was going to disappear into the great booth abyss. The table had something sticky and globular on it. I believe the table was wiped down but that one spot was missed. All I did was steer clear of that area as everything else on the table seemed clean.

The food was delicious. A wonderful, greasy taste filled my mouth as I ate my fluffy waffle and eggs. The eggs were greasy and fattening, just the way I like them. The cheese was rich and thick mixed in with the eggs. The bacon was crispy and savory. I only received 3 slices of bacon, but as I bit into one piece I made sure to take my time because I never wanted the scrumptious taste to leave my mouth.

The waitress was nice and friendly, always filling up my sweat tea every time it got halfway empty. Although the sweet tea was always full, it did have a hint of a bitter after taste. I assumed the tea was not refreshed as often as it should have been. The waitress made sure everything was going well and checked on us frequently.

I spent about ten dollars for a massive amount of food. I would recommend the Broad Street Wafflehouse to any adult that happens to be very hungry with a short amount of money on them. Children are not recommended at this waffle house because the location allows homeless people to stay as long as the person gets coffee. Even with flies everywhere and dirty tables with massive holes in the booths, the waitress and staff made the experience a lot better than what I perceived it would have been.

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