Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Iphone love

So i got the iphone 4 and I am absolutely in love with it. Now I believe I can blog more often and frequently. As you all know from my previous posts I was going to school for medical assisting. Well, I graduated magna cum laude and now have a job!! Therefore I can afford an Iphone!! Check back soon to hear my latest crazy stories!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Procrastination At It's Finest!

So, today was the beginning of my math class for one of my five week sessions. Two classes every 5 weeks from 8 AM to 1PM monday through thursday. One class on Monday and Wednesday, the other on Tuesday and Thursday.
I tell you what...ALL that basic math in one sitting in brain-frying. It started out simple enough. Adding, subtracting,devision, multiplication, and factoring. I will be darned if I forgot how to do long division! How embarrissing!
I never was good in math. I got somewhat far, but along the way I forgot the basics. *Shrugs*
Anyways, I grabbed an optional homework assignment, sat down and started working on it. In the meantime the computer has been calling my name. "Blairrrrrr!!! Blairrrr!!! Facebook awaits! Get onnn meeee"
So here I am. As usual, facebook was boring. How can something be so boring yet addicting? I can spend hours on that darn site just following different people and looking at pictures. It simply amazes me what a life sucker Facebook is.
Since I cant drive because of the stupid speeding ticket (reckless...go figure) making my insurance too expensive, me and Sandy walked to Sheetz on our break for lunch. I was ravenous! No Idea why, but I was. Man, do I miss driving my car with music down and windows blaring!
Oh yeah, my math teacher likes me. He clearly thinks I am amusing and ask good questions! Damn straight I ask good is all I ever did in highschool to get my stuff straight!
I feel like I am rambling. Oh well, we are all allowed to ramble here and there right?
Now that worksheet just sitting there is bothering me. I still have a few hours until Mi Madre picks me up.
I need some topics to blog about. I always come up with such good ideas but they get lost in the daily hustle and bustle. Any ideas on what to write? Hell, give me a topic and I will write it. I love random stuff. An example would be my toilet paper post. So leave me a comment, leave love, and give me some ideas. Once I get ideas, I can always write something.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Toilet PAPER

I have come to the conclusion that the reason public restrooms use such god awful papery toilet paper is to deter people from doing number two. Sure, the toilet paper works great when you peed, making you feel dry and ready to go on about your business. On the other hand, doing number two and using the toilet tissue supplied by a public place is an atrocity.

Everyone knows public restrooms are not the most attractive daily destinations. But, when you gotta go you gotta go. Why in the world should such a pertinent daily activity be so uncomfertable?

First awful thing is getting the topilet paper off the roll. 98% of the time it comes out one measly little square at a time. Oh how awful that is.Then, when you get enough squares to amount to anything, the abuse on your anus in so uncomfertable you just wanna run home and use your own soft, cushiony Charmin Ultra.

With such an important daily occurance that can be unexpected, it raises the question, "Why do public places use such crap?"
They always insist it is cheeper and less likely to clog the toilet.
In reality, public toilets get clogged because it taks so much toilet PAPER to get the painful job done.
Also, as I personally believe, the public place simply just does not want you to do a number two in their precious good-smelling bathroom.

So far, I have considered carrying my own cushy toilet paper so save myself from the discomfort of public bathroom's toilet PAPER.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Never In My Wildest Dreams

This the story of when I got attacked by a rooster as a child.

Never In My Wildest Dreams

Words cannot describe the terror I felt as a little girl being chased by a rooster as big as I was. The rooster was fast and only had one thing on its mind: to get me. With its huge, feathered tail erect in the air, and his tall body lunging towards me and all I could do was run. Instincts took over as I made a mad dash to get away from the feathered beast. Never in my wildest dreams had I suspected I would be a victim of a rooster attack.

I was young. The age I really cannot remember. Actually, many people try to suppress such horrific events. The day started out with excitement. My class at school planned a field trip to Jamestown, Virginia. With packed lunches in hand, a backpack with some extra necessities, and a smile on our faces we loaded the bus. When we arrived, we all formed small groups and were assigned a tour guide. My group's tour guide was dressed in a pilgrim-like outfit that accentuated her round, plump body. It was very hot. Touring all the huts and listening to all the facts I remained in the back of the group. Maybe if I didn't stay towards the back, that menacing rooster might not have taken a particular interest in me.

"Now, before we get to the blacksmith, I want to point out the farming and animals we have. We have chickens and roosters here." She pointed to the group of fat, plump chickens and one massive rooster. As we went on, something stirred the rooster. In a matter of seconds, the rooster was lunging for me. Not toward the group, but directly towards me. With a large yelp, I took off. I ran around in circles, zig-zags, in between people, and around buildings. My heart was pumping, and I was sweating profusely in the summer heat. The rooster and I left a trail of dust behind us. In the midst of zig-zagging, I looked back and the pilgrim lady tour guide had grabbed a broom and was chasing the rooster. After a few minutes of unsuccessfully trying to get the rooster away from me, she threw the broom at the rooster as a last attempt. The rooster ran off away from all the people. I couldn't stop running. By this time I was a hysterical mess, and my adrenaline had kicked in.

"Honey! STOP! He is gone! He isn't chasing you anymore! STOP!" the plump tour guide yelled after me. For what seemed like eternal slow motion, I slowed down and eventually leaned against a fence sobbing. The menacing, evil rooster was nowhere to be seen. A flood of teachers and tour guides came to my aid. They gave me water and led me into an air-conditioned building. After I calmed down, caught my breath, and cooled off I joined my group again and carried on with the tour. The rooster still was nowhere to be seen. Naturally, I was looking over my shoulder for the beast every five minutes. By lunchtime, I had relaxed significantly. Some of the other kids in my group also seemed a little bit nervous because of what happened. I assure you, none of them were as uptight as me.

As I ate my lunch many thoughts zoomed through my head. "What if he had gotten me? Would that large beak get me or those huge, creepy talons? Where was he now? Is he attacking some other kid? Why did this happen to me?" With all of these thoughts running through my head, I never reflected on the more serious aspect of this ordeal. Now, in retrospect, I realize that I have a huge respect for birds. They, along with many other birds, are wild animals. They deserve their space just as we deserve ours. No one would ever suspect a domestic rooster to attack a child at a school field trip. But it did.

Wild Waffle House

This is a restaurant review I wrote a few weeks ago in my College Composition class.

Wild Waffle House

Walking into Waffle House off of Broad Street I was welcomed with the aroma of breakfast. The sizzling and crackling of the skillets engulfed. There were many booths to choose from, some with remnants of syrup and crumbs, and others spotless. Although the service was great and the food was delicious, the cleanliness of the waffle house was lacking.

The bathroom had a stale smell that left my nose curled. Flies here and there annoyed me tremendously. Who wants to go to the bathroom with flies everywhere, with their beady eyes watching me? A few random pieces of toilet paper were left on the floor, nothing a quick sweep could not handle. The sink, thank goodness was free of any debris and as a general rule there was nothing obscenely disgusting about the restrooms.

Some of the booths were torn and ratty with big, taped up gashes. When I sat down I was afraid I was going to disappear into the great booth abyss. The table had something sticky and globular on it. I believe the table was wiped down but that one spot was missed. All I did was steer clear of that area as everything else on the table seemed clean.

The food was delicious. A wonderful, greasy taste filled my mouth as I ate my fluffy waffle and eggs. The eggs were greasy and fattening, just the way I like them. The cheese was rich and thick mixed in with the eggs. The bacon was crispy and savory. I only received 3 slices of bacon, but as I bit into one piece I made sure to take my time because I never wanted the scrumptious taste to leave my mouth.

The waitress was nice and friendly, always filling up my sweat tea every time it got halfway empty. Although the sweet tea was always full, it did have a hint of a bitter after taste. I assumed the tea was not refreshed as often as it should have been. The waitress made sure everything was going well and checked on us frequently.

I spent about ten dollars for a massive amount of food. I would recommend the Broad Street Wafflehouse to any adult that happens to be very hungry with a short amount of money on them. Children are not recommended at this waffle house because the location allows homeless people to stay as long as the person gets coffee. Even with flies everywhere and dirty tables with massive holes in the booths, the waitress and staff made the experience a lot better than what I perceived it would have been.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What to expect

Well, This is my first blog.
My life has been really boring lately. I go to Medical Careers Institute Monday through Thursday 8 to 1 and then I work Fridays and Saturdays.
Not much fun right? Right. So I decided to start blogging about the fun things that are in my life and what soon will be in my life.
I have an amazing boyfriend David. We been dating for a year+ and I have a few(very few) select friends I try to spend time with. I have a small family.Throughout this blog I am sure you will find out more about them.

This blog will primarily be random stuff.
It will include:
  • My day to day hustle and bustle.
  • Restaurant Reviews
  • Book Reviews
  • School Essays I am proud of
  • Any funny stories of the day(trust me..every wacky and embarrassing thing happens to me).