Thursday, July 22, 2010

Never In My Wildest Dreams

This the story of when I got attacked by a rooster as a child.

Never In My Wildest Dreams

Words cannot describe the terror I felt as a little girl being chased by a rooster as big as I was. The rooster was fast and only had one thing on its mind: to get me. With its huge, feathered tail erect in the air, and his tall body lunging towards me and all I could do was run. Instincts took over as I made a mad dash to get away from the feathered beast. Never in my wildest dreams had I suspected I would be a victim of a rooster attack.

I was young. The age I really cannot remember. Actually, many people try to suppress such horrific events. The day started out with excitement. My class at school planned a field trip to Jamestown, Virginia. With packed lunches in hand, a backpack with some extra necessities, and a smile on our faces we loaded the bus. When we arrived, we all formed small groups and were assigned a tour guide. My group's tour guide was dressed in a pilgrim-like outfit that accentuated her round, plump body. It was very hot. Touring all the huts and listening to all the facts I remained in the back of the group. Maybe if I didn't stay towards the back, that menacing rooster might not have taken a particular interest in me.

"Now, before we get to the blacksmith, I want to point out the farming and animals we have. We have chickens and roosters here." She pointed to the group of fat, plump chickens and one massive rooster. As we went on, something stirred the rooster. In a matter of seconds, the rooster was lunging for me. Not toward the group, but directly towards me. With a large yelp, I took off. I ran around in circles, zig-zags, in between people, and around buildings. My heart was pumping, and I was sweating profusely in the summer heat. The rooster and I left a trail of dust behind us. In the midst of zig-zagging, I looked back and the pilgrim lady tour guide had grabbed a broom and was chasing the rooster. After a few minutes of unsuccessfully trying to get the rooster away from me, she threw the broom at the rooster as a last attempt. The rooster ran off away from all the people. I couldn't stop running. By this time I was a hysterical mess, and my adrenaline had kicked in.

"Honey! STOP! He is gone! He isn't chasing you anymore! STOP!" the plump tour guide yelled after me. For what seemed like eternal slow motion, I slowed down and eventually leaned against a fence sobbing. The menacing, evil rooster was nowhere to be seen. A flood of teachers and tour guides came to my aid. They gave me water and led me into an air-conditioned building. After I calmed down, caught my breath, and cooled off I joined my group again and carried on with the tour. The rooster still was nowhere to be seen. Naturally, I was looking over my shoulder for the beast every five minutes. By lunchtime, I had relaxed significantly. Some of the other kids in my group also seemed a little bit nervous because of what happened. I assure you, none of them were as uptight as me.

As I ate my lunch many thoughts zoomed through my head. "What if he had gotten me? Would that large beak get me or those huge, creepy talons? Where was he now? Is he attacking some other kid? Why did this happen to me?" With all of these thoughts running through my head, I never reflected on the more serious aspect of this ordeal. Now, in retrospect, I realize that I have a huge respect for birds. They, along with many other birds, are wild animals. They deserve their space just as we deserve ours. No one would ever suspect a domestic rooster to attack a child at a school field trip. But it did.


emilyxemazing said...

I just wanted to say that you said "erect" lol. Plus, I might actually do this 'cause I haven't in awhile and I like the layout I have XD

Coloradocasters said...

What an amazing story! You really have a gift for writing. I just may have to read this post a fw more times while I celebrate the rooster's demise with a bucket of KFC?

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